Investing in Zenata

Because Zenata is located in Morocco

Morocco boasts solid macro-economic foundations and has been rewarded by major international rating agencies for its economic performance.

The Kingdom of Morocco has launched a series of important and structuring economic reforms in the fields of infrastructure, energy, industry, housing, trade, agriculture and the environment. These reforms have led to structural mutations and encouraged a notable dynamism, namely in the tertiary sector without compromising the stability of the country’s fundamental equilibriums.

It is also marked by a proactive public policy of major infrastructures and structuring projects. Morocco has also upgraded its infrastructures in order to match international standards with 14 international airports, 1800 km of Highways for 2015, the first Fast Train Network for 2016, the first operational Tramway lines in Rabat and Casablanca and the Tanger Med port, one of the largest in the Mediterranean.

Sources: FMI, AMDI, HCP, Bank Al Maghrib

Because Zenata is located in Morocco’s most dynamic region

The Greater Casablanca, with close to 3,7 million inhabitants represents the economic heart of the country with around 18,8% of the country’s GDP. 47% of industrial jobs are concentrated there along with 90% of all research activities. It is also characterized by the domination of processing industries and services.

A general expenditure of 55 GMAD reinforces this economic vitality. While the average national spending by inhabitant of 1 873 DH, that of the Greater Casablanca is 14 848 DH. Economic growth is largely fuelled by middle-income families and a constantly diversifying mode of consumption.

Because Zenata is a major project

Zenata is today the largest Planing project of the CDG Group and among the most important in Morocco.

The project’s total investment amounts to 25 billions DH with 17 billion for the first development phase.

Because Zenata offers high added-value assets