Living in Zenata

Because we will be able to «live better» in Zenata

The New City of Zenata will offer numerous advantages to its inhabitants who will improve their everyday lives: education, health, employment, training, culture, leisure, transport, proximity to nature, housing, connections to Casablanca and Mohammedia.

Because Zenata will be dynamic

Zenata will create 100 000 jobs in the long run essentially in the tertiary sector. It will offer its inhabitants high value added activities (health hub, education hub, commercial hub, logistical hub)

Zenata will also offer various leisure, culture, entertainment and eating activities day and night. 

On top of that, various educational, cultural, health, worships, local businesses will be available to the future Zenata.

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Because Zenata will benefit from optimum transport links

Zenata enjoys a strategic geographical position on the crossroad of the Kingdom’s two largest cities: Rabat, the political and Casablanca, the economic capital. It is also directly connected to Casablanca and Mohammedia through existing means of transport: trains, national and regional road networks.


It will take advantage of a collective and light mobility plan in order to reinforce its connectivity and limit the use of cars. This plan makes provisions for the development of a intermodal station (train, RER, Tramway, bus, taxis).

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Because Zenata will be a Moroccan Eco-City

Zenata is an Eco-city, planed and managed according to sustainable development objectives through an inclusive and integrated approach.

It will also take in account the equilibrium between its social, spatial and economic dimensions while creating employment.

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Joining the Zenata community

Zenata will promote community life namely by organising neighbourhoods in living units in order to improve proximity, interaction, exchange and solidarity.

Zenata will also be a reference for Morocco and the World with its participative and interactive approach inclusive of all the communities involved in the city’s projects and sustainable development challenges.

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